Trip Planning
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Big Mountain Adventure

Skiing and guiding big mountains has been my life's work. I owe this passion and career to the shoulders I have stood on, the skiers and riders I have shared time in the mountains with, the mentors who have shaped my path. Today I combine the lessons I have learned from these individuals, with over 20 years of human powered ski exploration around the world.

My passion is for high peaks, solitude and deep powder, and I seek to share experiences that combine all three of these elements. From steep skiing in the Alps, to trenching through the Birch forests of Japan - adventure riding is an intimate experience with those who you choose to share it with. In my work as a guide I seek to share these lifetime experiences with people who hunger for authentic adventure, and who seek the rewards of the human powered experience. 

There are few limits to where we can go together. Listed in these pages you will find some of my favorite places, places I know, care about, and look forward to sharing with you. The people I travel with are as unique as the places we go, so you won't find pre-packaged deals, instead I will plan the trip around your preferences. We begin by connecting via email, and I will send you a proposal based on your budget, terrain preferences, and style of riding. Most international trips start at about $7k, and vary depending on whether we are camping, staying in hotels, lodges, and whether we are using a helicopter to access the terrain. Pricing includes flights, hotels, food and ski access. 


Zahan Billimoria

International Mountain Guide