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The Wild Iris is a sport climbing paradise. Adjacent to the expansive wilderness of the Wind River Range, the Iris is a quiet and pristine crag that is stacked with world class rock climbing. High quality stone, pleasant shade, and a high concentration of routes from 5.9 and above make this an excellent venue for pushing your grade limit. The camping is beautiful, plentiful and free, and at an elevation of over 9'000' the summer temperatures are cool and comfortable.


Per Person Day Rates

$750 - 1:1

$520 - 2:1

$365 - 3:1




Adjacent to the climbing, in a beautiful setting - camping at the Iris is easy and pleasant.


The Pronghorn Lodge is comfortable hotel in downtown Lander (30min drive) Coffee shops and local restaurants within walking distance


Intermediate & Above


The Iris is a place for experienced climbers (5.9) to take their climbing to the next level. It is not as well suited to beginners. See the City of Rocks or Red Rocks for excellent moderate climbing


Fly & Drive

Part of what makes the Wild Iris so special - is that it is hard to get to and uncrowded! If you are coming from afar the closest major airport is SLC (4hrs) or JAC (3hrs). 

If you want to squeak as much climbing into a few days as possible - the Iris is the ticket. We usually meet in Lander around 9am, before heading upto the crag. The climbing begins with a handful of warm ups before moving onto routes that are near your grade limit. With long summer days, and a concentrated climbs, we have enough time to climb as many routes as you want. It is a short walk back to the cars at the camping area for beers and dinner. A full day of climbing on day 2 (and 3 if you choose) will ensure you will leave a far better climber than you arrived.
The Iris is also an excellent place to develop as a climber. If you would to learn to lead, to push your sport climbing to the next level and improve your safe climbing habits - I will develop a curriculum for a 2-3 day program to achieve your goals. You will leave with skills to implement over a lifetime of climbing.
I also work as a coach, and operate Samsara Mountain Training - a 1:1 training program for climbers and mountain athletes. Your time at the Iris can also include input into your training and approach to climbing performance.

I do all of my guiding around the Lander area through the Wind River Climbing Guides permit and insurance, operated by Kyle & Becca Meier


Zahan Billimoria

International Mountain Guide